Differentiated service


Human dimension:
Central to our identity, Talent & Career International equally focuses on the human dimension of Leadership. Matching talent to a career means listening, hearing and understanding professional track record, vision and motivation. With empathy and optimism, we take the time to know the individual behind the resume.

By focusing on specific business segments and functional areas, we ensure that the best expertise is on hand to either develop an individual career or to help an organization maximize its return on investment. “Keep it simple” and no-nonsense business attitude describe our way of working and our service process. Targeted on-going communication and recruitment scorecards ensure pragmatic follow up of the process.

Strict confidentiality and full discretion are guaranteed for personal data, client portfolio and information sharing between Talent & Career International and its local and international contacts, customers and candidates.

Successful customer-supplier and candidate-recruiter relationships are mid and long term partnerships. This requires commitment, involvement, transparency and open communication. “To go for the extra mile” best characterizes our dedication to performance, service and results.

Customer focused, we provide velocity and agility in all aspects of service offering. Our delivery of flexible and personalized solutions has positioned us as unique on the market and has enabled us to build qualitative firm business relations.

At Talent & Career International, we pride ourselves on our high standards of respect, ethics and integrity in all our contacts and relationships.