Flawless and transparent execution


1 We listen
As soon as our customer has confirmed a talent need, we listen to the information concerning the role to be filled and the profile of the individual sought. In this “need definition” step, we identify the functional responsibilities of the new hire. Simultaneously, we understand the customer’s corporate culture, environment and strategies.

2 We search
We advise and we agree with our customer about the most efficient recruitment strategy. This step of “sourcing” also involves reviewing our customer’s competitive environment, determining the sectors that offer the greatest potential and targeting the companies where we are most likely to find the ideal candidate. Our tools mainly consist of direct search activities completed with our solid database, our sources and our network of contacts. Advertisement on specific supports may be added to the service offering.

3 We select
We directly approach a list of potential candidates identified in targeted companies. A selection is processed by screening and by assessing interest and relevancy towards the function requirements. A shortlist of applicants is created and provided to our customer. Throughout the process, regular reporting and communication ensure progress tracking of the search. Simultaneously, candidates are kept informed throughout the process about application status and timeframes.

4 We recruit
For the best suited candidates, a methodic competency based interview is performed. A detailed CV and a confidential report capturing key data concerning each candidate are transmitted to our customer. References are taken. At this point, we coordinate and advise about the most efficient interviewing process, ensuring that both parties are prepared and well briefed. To finish the recruitment process, our responsibility includes facilitating the negotiations and helping to find the balance which is constructively acceptable to both.

5 We measure
After the successful completion of the assignment, a comprehensive satisfaction survey is sent to our customer as an invitation to reflect and to comment on each facet of the recruitment process just completed. Results and output enable Talent & Career International to continuously innovate and improve its service level.